So cool that I'm about to Burst.

When it comes to apps for my mobile devices, I like simple, smart and secure. It's even more important when I'm sharing photos and video.

Let's face it, that video from last Saturday night is hysterical and must be shared with your 10 closest besties. You could send the video to one person at a time, but that's a time consuming hassle. You could post it on your FB page, but you really don't want to share that moment with Aunt Elda or your boss.

Or, you could use Burst, a nifty FREE app that lets you instantly capture, save and share those glorious moments with all of your best friends via a secure cloud. That's right, there's no wires, drives or synching necessary. Just a couple of taps on your IPhone or Droid and *BURST* it's sent to your private list of phones and emails.

I personally BURSTED pix of my lettuce and basil crop.

Go to the Burst website and check out all of the cool features like: Free app download, secure storage and backup of your pix and videos, personal web media dashboards and calendar/address book integration.

By the way, For sharing my opinion, Yours Truly snagged a lifetime storage plan valued at $60/year as part of a promotional program with Mom Select and YOU CAN TOO.

The first person to download the Burst App and Burst me a pic of anything wins a lifetime storage plan, too! Just Burst your pic to consolidatedcoolness (at)

Next week, I'll notify the winner and the burst pic of my lettuce crop.


Free K-Cups for Life - What Could be More Cool?

It's no secret that I love coffee, k-cups and free stuff. And, now, they come together like a freshly brewed cafe au lait and piping hot, sugary sweet beignets in this very cool sweepstakes -The Perfect Cup.

For the low cost of your email address, you will be entered to win free k-cups for life and can even play a fun game for the chance to instantly win your very own Platinum Brewer or FREE K-Cup variety pack!

For the rest of us who don't win, here's a great place to learn some k-cup savings strategies.


Subscribe and Save

Maybe I've been living under a rock and am the last to know about this really cool way to save big on items I use regularly - It's Subscribe and Save on Amazon.

Basically, certain items are eligible for the Subscribe and Save program; when they are you save an additional 15% and get free shipping. Combine this with sales and sometimes even coupon codes and we're talking about more than cool; we are talking cold cash in your pocket.

Groupon - Cool Deals 50%-90% Off Stuff You Really, Really Want

Groupon's Daily Deals let you buy services and stuff that you really want at 50% - 90% off. I've already gotten gourmet food delivered to my home and to start the new year out right, I signed up for two months of membership at Curves. I've even given Groupons as gifts.